New E-book: Hi, God, It's Me: e-prayers for teenage girls

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Hi God, It's Me! e-prayers for teenage girls

Prayer doesn't have to be boring. Who would get bored talking directly to God and hearing Him answer? Check out Hi, God, It's Me: E-Prayers for Teenage Girls, my e-book. Discover how prayer can help with every problem you face. Go ahead. I dare you.

Product Description

Kids love to e-mailtheir friends. Why not e-mail God? Hi God, It's Me: E-Prayers for teenage girls is an interactive journal that gives preteen and teenage girls of all religions a user-friendly way to talk to God in an upbeat, joyful way without being preachy.

Each chapter focuses on a different area of a young girl's complex life. Hi God, It's Me encourages girls to problem-solve and to find answers to everyday concerns as well as to the bigger problems in
their lives. Above all, it helps them connect with God and talk to Him in an intimate way.

Teen girls can use the book as a starting point for reflection and prayers, and they can share their thoughts with friends and family, or use it solely as a personal journal. The book's unique format makes use of Internet terms to capture a teen's interest and imagination. The book is a great gift for teenage girls. Also, youth leaders, parents, and family members can use it as a teaching tool that kids will easily relate to and enjoy.

Order your copy now on Amazon Kindle, iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and many other e-book vendors. Only $2.99!