Welcome to my website! I write books for adults and kids. My titles for kids include Mindfulness, bully prevention, writing improvement, and prayers for teenage girls. My books for parents and teachers include Mindfulness, bully prevention, women's issues, fiction, and writing improve

My latest book, Help Yourself: 30 Magical Meditations to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, is a sequel to my previous book, Help Yourself: Thirty Magical Meditations to Help You Manifest Your Best Life Now. Find it on Amazon or the publisher, Sunbury Press.


Check out my recent book, How to Ask for and Get What You Want: Common Sense Tips That Work.

My new book helps you ask and receive what you want. 
It helps you get your kids to listen, negotiate prices with ease,
and ace job interviews by asking one simple question.
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Former teacher DePino (Parenting Mindfully) lays out in this useful primer methods for securing a desirable outcome to negotiations. DePino’s central tenet is that the most important aspect to negotiating is getting the other person on your side. Reading body language and tone—and learning how to use them to maximum effect through eye contact and “mirroring” another’s body language to enhance rapport—is paramount, as is using “magic words” like please and thank you, the author notes.

DePino also advises being concise when asking for something. After those basics, DePino provides real-world scenarios and suggestions for how to approach asking for and getting what one wants—such as during job applications, asking for help from friends, soliciting help for a child struggling in school, complaining to a restaurant’s manager about an unsatisfactory meal, and staving off office gossips and bullies. DePino’s tips and strategies make this a solid choice for those new to the negotiation table. (from Publishers' Weekly)

You can also buy it from Amazon.

Help Yourself Every Day: Thirty Magical Meditations to Help You Manifest Your Best Life Now will help you deal with issues you wrestle with every day. I'm working on a sequel dealing with boosting your emotional well-being and one about how virtues can help you live a more fulfilling life.

I based this book on my years of experience as an intuitive reader, Reiki healer, and Mindfulness practitioner. The book offers short meditations, manifestations, and affirmations for busy people and uses unique color meditations that get quick results.

To buy from Sunbury Press, the publisher, click here:

You can buy my latest books from Rowman and Littlefield. I think you'll like Helping Kids Live Mindfully:A Grab-Bag of Classroom Activities for Middle School Students. This book gives teachers the tools to bring Mindfulness into the classroom to help students solve conflicts and prevent bullying. It also helps students perform better in school, handle stress, and get along better with family members and classmates.
Counselors will find it helpful in group and individual settings. Parents and grandparents will also enjoy participating in all the activities.

Parenting Mindfully: 101 Ways to Raise Caring and Responsible Kids in an Unpredictable World, my parenting book using Mindfulness principles, is sold by Rowman and Littlefield and other venues, including Amazon. You'll find easy and practical ways to help your kids get along with people and succeed in school and in life. You'll also find practical answers to those sticky discipline problems. The book is available in hard cover and for e-readers. Soon, it will be out in paperback.


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